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Let's get deep into your health journey and get clarity on what is blocking your flow. After our session, will learn an effective and actionable plan to truly love yourself and begin to shed physical, mental and emotional weight so that you can live the life that you desire. 

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Achieving generational health and a wholistic healthy life is a big deal. Since you are here, that means you are on the right track.

With a Health Strategy Session, I can assist you in getting clarity on how to execute a customized strategy to get you the momentum you need to live a wholistically abundant life.

As a result you will experience a transformed way of thinking about health that will impact your whole life.


Identify Roadblocks in your Journey

Learn where you are getting stuck in your flow of living a lighter life. Once we identify the roadblock, you will receive tools to overcome them.

Learn to Reframe your thoughts 

Discover how to reframe your unconscious negative thoughts about your journey into productive thoughts that will provide you momentum in the right direction.

Get Clarity on what healthy is for you

Everyone has to define what health means for themselves and you are no different. We will take a deep dive into what healthy truly looks like for you in your life.

Reclaim the ability to put yourself first

With a strong foundation in Self Love, you will learn how to make decisions in your life from a place of love of your self. This way you will be able to shed your weight and keep it off for good.


Having a coach that saw me, met me where I was, encouraged me, and guided me without immense pressure, made it easier to trust her with my life, and to trust the process. I love myself more, I take better care of me, I move more, and I make better choices with food as often as I can. It has been a journey, but I now see the weight coming off and I am pleased with who I am becoming. Cherette not only help change my life, she helped save my life! 

Tiffany Jones @frolicink

I had great takeaways about the value of what I consume- both food and other things, like TV and people. I learned a lot about the kind of water I should be drinking, and how to access it. And I learned about speaking positively to myself- changing how i talk to myself and with what I identify. I think the sessions are great as they are!

Starla Chambers, AGAC-NP

Investment: $197





Hey Love!

I am Cherette and so grateful to assist you in your journey. After living at 350lbs for years, I chose to lose weight and shed over 150 pounds. In my journey I learned that no one every taught me how to clearly lose weight in a way that was sustainable and permanent. So I figured it out myself and made it my passion to share all of my knowledge with my community. I am here to help you love yourself and process your emotions in order to become the healthiest version of yourself and never look back. Thank you for the chance to connect with you in sure a profound way. I am excited to work with you.

Love Cherette


There’s no better time to take control of your health than right now. This Health Strategy Session will give you the blueprint you need to get your health on the right track. Don’t put your health on hold, apply today! 

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