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The Ultimate Foundation to a Healthy Life 

3 Pillars to Cultivate Wholistic Self Love

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Stop the Grind, Drop the Weight.

Learn the secret foundation to health that none of the gurus will tell you:


Put yourself first + drastically improve your ability to receive your true desires


Learn to nourish yourself + move to the next level in your business.


Begin to shed mental, physical and emotional weight effortlessly.

A Note From Cherette.

Natural Weight Loss Strategist + Neuromuscular Therapist | Founder, BHealthyNow

As a former 350 pound entrepreneur who put all my focus on work, forgetting to take care of myself, I am here to let you know...… deserve more.

Your health is the most imperative asset you have the power to build in your life.

Many entrepreneurs, myself included, work tirelessly to build an empire and find themselves looking up one day to extra weight on their bodies, minds and just stressed out.

I have been there and quite frankly, some days I still get there. So just know that we are on this journey together. Grateful I am forever evolving and have learned invaluable pillars that help me on this adventure called life.

Since applying these pillars to my life, I feel more love for myself, more rest and have the ability to produce more in my business than ever before.

These pillars have kept me grounded in the most important thing in my life: my health.

Over the years I have learned these pillars from working as a neuromuscular therapist, reading books and losing over 150 pounds with no diet or workout regiment.

Although super simple, these pillars have the ability to be life changing if you choose to use them in your daily life.

ALL areas of your life deserve to thrive, especially your health.  

Stop the grind and drop the weight. As you become physically, mentally and emotional lighter; all areas of your life will improve.

This is a sacred space and because you are reading this, I know you are on your way!

Keep Your Head to The Sky,

Xx Love Cherette

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